Ordering and delivery

After ordering from Attrademusic wait for the consultant to call and arrange the delivery time and details. For orders by courier (DPD) you will need to pay in advance, pay bills of goods and shipping costs, when all the goods account for 5 to 15 euros. The price depends on your address and product weight or size.
Items can be ordered and also be retrieved in our store in Riga, Aleksandra Caka street 118.


All goods purchased in Attrademusic have the manufacturer's warranty!

The manufacturer's warranty period differs, it can be up to ten years. More information about the manufacturer's warranty period look for it in the product description or ask your customer adviser.

All goods' minimum warranty period is two years.

The warranty does not apply if you can not present:
- Receipt of purchase (receipt or invoice)

Warranty does not apply to limited-resource products (fuses, strings, picks, etc.).

Manufacturer's warranty does not apply if:
- The product has a warranty stamp or serial number of violations or attempted damage has been edited.
- Damage caused by natural disasters (floods, storms, lightning, fire, earthquakes);
- Use custom power supplies, accessories and spare parts, as well as raw materials for which the manufacturer has not been validated for use with the specified product, and if it causes damage to the product;
- Damage to power, telecommunications, cable networks security breach for which the manufacturer is described, rapid temperature changes, as well as other internal and external factors (soot, smoke, dust, humidity);
- The product uses the production or business purposes (provided that the product is not intended for such purposes).
To apply for warranty service, please contact our staff and after agreeing on the terms send/bring the product supported by warranty documents to Aleksandra Caka street 118, Riga, Latvia, and your request will be processed within 10 days.
You can use the right of withdrawal and return the item within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. To avoid confusion, at the time of purchase make sure the goods to be shipped comply with your order - make, model, color, size and other characteristics.
Although Latvian legislation provides that the seller must return the money paid within max. 30 working days from the purchase date, we will take the return usually within 2-7 working days. Please note that the shipping costs for the return of the purchased goods are covered by the customer.

If you want to take advantage of the refusal policy, please note the following recommendations:

- Do not open the audio recording, video recording or computer software packages;
- Do not dismantle the original product packaging (sealed plastic containers may be carefully opened with a pair of scissors).


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