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Focusrite grew out of a 1985 request from Beatles producer Sir George Martin to well-known pro-audio designer Rupert Neve. He was asked to design a series of no-compromise modules, beginning with a microphone preamplifier and equaliser, for Air Studios in Montserrat and then in London.

The result, named the Input Signal Amplifier (ISA) series, proved extremely popular, and remains so today. Launched in 1988, the Focusrite Forte console, also based on these designs, was the highest quality console available at the time.

Audio industry veteran Phil Dudderidge purchased the company’s assets in 1989, reissuing the original modules along with new designs and the renowned Focusrite Studio Console, released in 1990. The legendary Red Range, echoing the original ISA designs and more, made the company’s name in the 1990s, and the descendants of those designs are still in the catalogue today. In 2000 Focusrite designed the first of its award-winning computer audio interfaces. These are now the core area for the company and, like Focusrite’s other products, widely lauded by the world’s leading engineers, producers and musicians.

Focusrite continues to innovate and build on its world-class reputation in both analogue and digital environments, combining the company’s enviable heritage with the latest technology to create music recording tools of the highest quality, from the ISA Series to the very latest DSP-powered computer audio interfaces, award-winning preamps and digital conversion systems that are second to none.

Focusrite. Sound is everything.


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