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Tama 40th Anniversary Limited Edition models

Starclassic Performer B/B EFX Limited Vintage Edition. PX30RS 20" Bass Drum 3pc Jazz Kit

The other Limited Vintage Edition kit is 3pc Jazz style kit featuring a 20" bass drum. The Bubinga/Birch shells in these scaled down sizes offer sensitivity and dynamics, plus a smaller footprint.

Available Finishes: Vintage Green Sparkle (VGR), Charcoal Onyx (CCO), Vintage Nickel Sparkle (VNS), Vintage Marine Pearl (VMP), White Silk (WHS)



Starclassic Performer B/B EFX Limited Vintage Edition. PX34RZS 24" Bass Drum 3pc Rock Kit

One of the Limited Vintage Edition kits is a 3pc Rock configuration featuring a 24" bass drum. The combination of the 24" kick and Bubinga/Birch shells packs a very powerful punch.

Available Finishes: Vintage Green Sparkle (VGR), Charcoal Onyx (CCO), Vintage Nickel Sparkle (VNS), Vintage Marine Pearl (VMP), White Silk (WHS)



Superstar Hyper-Drive Oak Edition. SO62HZBNS 6pc Hyper-Drive Kit

This Limited Edition 6pc kit features a beautiful outer ply made of Oak. The three available finishes all showcase the beauty of the Oak, and include Black Nickel shell hardware.

Available Finishes: Red Rose Oak (RRO), Transparent Black Oak (TBO), Natural Amber Oak (NAO)



S.L.P. Sound Lab Project - Big Black Steel. LST148 Big Black Steel

The LST148 "Big Black Steel" snare fills the roll of the classic, heavy fisted, rock snare drum-and then some. It’s husky 8" depth hardened Steel shell provides maximum power and volume, making it the idea choice for players who needs to cut through the crushing din of overbearing guitar amplification.

Suggested musical styles: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative



STARPHONIC Limited Edition. 5mm Super Thick Steel Shell

To create the integrated Reinforcement Ring, the 5mm super thick steel shell is shaved inside by cutting tool.

This Integrated Reinforcement Ring enables an unprecedented level of sonic focus.

Finish: Buffed Chrome



STAR Snare Drum Limited Edition. 6"x14" Solid Zebrawood Shell

TAMA STAR solid snare drum shells provide a dry, sensitive voice as well as quick, articulate response.

This Zebrawood model offers an extra super dry sound and clear articulation in high frequency without losing warmer tone.

Available Finish: Oiled Natural Zebrawood (OZW) only