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KORG BEATBOY Компактная драм-машина, гитарный эффектор, тюнер, рекордер

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Tuner, rhythm, effects and a recorder, all in one compact package - the new Beat Boy!


Beat Boy is packed with features that allow a guitarist or bassist to improve their abilities easily and reliably while having fun playing their instrument. The functionality of four products is packed into this single unit; in addition to a tuner, there's a rhythm machine covering 100 diverse styles, an effect section for adding sonic variation to your guitar tone, and a recorder that allows 16-bit/44.1 kHz recording of your performances. So compact that it fits easily into the pocket of your gig bag, it's the ideal partner for any guitarist or bassist.
Don't wait; let Beat Boy help you outplay your rivals!



100 full-fledged rhythm patterns


With many rhythm patterns for you to play along with, Beat Boy is a great way to develop your sense of rhythm. It's also fun to casually jam along with the patterns, or use them to refine your riff ideas. With offerings for every genre of rhythm pattern (8-beat, 16-beat, pop, funk, reggae, dance beats, and more), Beat Boy fully supports a wide range of musical styles. The volume of the backing rhythm can be adjusted, so you can set the mix balance accordingly with your guitar, ensuring that you'll be able to clearly hear the rhythm while you jam. The LCD display shows the drums actually being struck, providing a unique visual element. The tempo of each rhythm can be adjusted intuitively by using the tap tempo feature or it can be specified as a precise numeric value for more accurate settings.


Reliable tuning


Performing with the correct tuning is one of the greatest shortcuts to improving your abilities. Beat Boy contains a tuner that ensures you'll be able to perform in correct tuning every time.


A range of sounds from clean to distorted


A distorted tone is the undisputed king of guitar sounds. In addition to the standard clean sound, Beat Boy provides two tonal variations for a hard rock sound: overdrive and distortion.


Record with immediate playback


An important part of improving your playing ability is listening objectively to your own performance. Beat Boy makes it easy to record your guitar/bass sound and then play it back immediately. You can loop the playback for a desired region of the recorded sound and play it repeatedly for careful analysis, or you can practice by soloing over the loop as a backing pattern. The recorded sound can be loaded as a WAV file via USB into your computer and edited on your DAW software. Conversely, audio tracks* that you've created on your computer can be loaded into Beat Boy and used as backing tracks. The possibilities are endless! 
* PCM audio format: support is only included for WAV f files (44.1 kHz/16-bit monaural or stereo). The drum machine will not function while a stereo WAV file is being played back.




Recorder section


Recording format: PCM audio format WAV, format (extension: .wav), 44.1 kHz@16-bit

Available recording time: Approximately 20 minutes (Internal memory: 120 MB)

Total number of tracks: Up to 100 tracks


Tuner section


Scale: 12 note equal temperament

Detection range: C1 (32.70 Hz) - C8 (4,186.01 Hz)

Detection accuracy: Less than ±1 cent


Drum machine section


Tempo range: 30 - 252 beats per minute (BPM)

Number of drum patterns: 100 (8Beat: 12, 16Beat: 13, POP/ROCK: 13, JAZZ/FUNK: 9, WORLD: 11, DANCE: 8, FILL: 11, ODD METER: 9, METRONOME: 12, SONG: 2)


Effect section


Overdrive, Distortion




Connectors: INPUT jack (1/4"mono), PHONES jack (1/8" stereo mini)

Speaker: Dynamic speaker (φ23 mm)

Power supply: Two AAA batteries (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries)

Battery life*: (when using the speaker / when using headphones)
Recorder: Approximately 3.5 / 11 hours
Drum machine: Approximately 9 / 12 hours
Tuner: Approximately 11 / 16 hours
*Continuous operation when using alkaline batteries with the backlight off and the volume at maximum.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 111 x 82 x 18 mm

Weight: 122g (including the accessories battery)




AAA batteries x 2 for verifying functionality, Rubber feet

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